Tuesday, 21 June 2016

The Earliest Dreams

I'd like to tell you about how my imagination functioned as a small child.

I don't remember my very earliest dreams, but I do remember one particularly early and recurring nightmare. This is the earliest dream I can remember having, when wee me was just a squirt of about four years of age, living in Regina.

In my dream, I was wearing my nighties, running down the hallway from my bedroom, down the stairs, and further into the dark void of the basement. As I ran, humongous plastic hamburgers and french fries* leapt out at me from the shadows. They had eyes and mouths. They all opened their mouths and threw me silent roars and hisses. It was horrifying.

The second recurring bad dream I can recall centered around an orange-haired doll I had**. She was big - must have been at least 2/3 my size. Her hair always struck me as a bit wild, but her eyes! They opened and closed depending on how she was tilted. I never liked to look at those green glass eyes because I was worried they'd open of their own accord.

I distinctly recall dreaming that this doll was chasing me down the hallway toward the living room. She lumbered after me (she was a bit fat), with thunderous side-to-side leaps. I felt dizzy watching her come, with the way the world seemed to tip and tilt as her feet hit the ground.

I don't remember many particulars of any really awesome dreams I had as a small kid, except to say that sometimes I lulled myself to sleep by imagining that I, my cousin Aimee, and a few other (now forgotten) friends were superheroes with red boots, capes, flight capabilities, and a home base on top of a telephone pole. We were called the "Savers". We'd zoom through the sky and, you know, save people.

Hamburgers no longer hold any terror for me, but zooming around still occasionally features in my current dreams. Except now, I'm powered by handheld cylinders which contain genetically-altered fetuses capable of flight. And dolls that open their eyes still creep me out.

"We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light." Plato

*Think enormously oversized McDonald's Happy Meal toys. I did a quick Google search and lo and behold! Here is the demon hamburger that terrorized my early childhood:
Admittedly, modern me has to agree that the fabric version is actually kinda cute.
**I seem to recall, but can't state as absolute fact, that years after, my mother once remarked that this doll was hideous and why did we have it?


Art said...

Another possible movie: The Revenge of the Hamburger. After having so many of his colleagues eaten, Hammy takes revenge and the prey become the hunter. I still remember some of my scary dreams that I had as a child. They can stick with you a long time.

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