Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Two Very Important Videos

I never heard a door in China go beep beep beep like doors in Canada do when they're attached to a security system. The Chinese have a different way of making sure intruders don't get into a place without being noticed.

This door served additional purposes. More than once it inspired me to bray like a diseased donkey as I strolled down the hall. It always made sure we were awake before we began our walk to class. More than that, however, the sound of this door came to signify the end of an intense, hot day in the classroom and re-entry into the sweet air conditioned relaxation of our hotel rooms. WD-40 is so overrated.

In China, they also have a superior way of making noodles. The gracious staff at this restaurant turned on the machine just for us when they saw we were standing there pathetically, waiting with our cameras pulled out.

A third wonderful thing about China is the Chinglish. So, for the quote today, let's go with the instructions found on the "Security Scattering Route" of our hotel:

"Please don"t worry if fire is occurring .Our hotel have owned succer scattering facilities to sure you transmitted safely. Please follow the direction route to the informationg corridor and there safeguards will take you out to the seccurity belts. Point profess your excellency seat."

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Art said...

I wonder how much fun they have with English people trying to write Chinese. Would out be similar craziness?