Friday, 2 May 2014

Brilliant, Sherlock

My mom says that whenever she hears the theme music from the Bourne trilogy, she thinks of me. We both really like those movies. Sometimes, when the music is playing, I like to imagine that I am Jason Bourne. Or Sherlock Holmes, according to which soundtrack happens to be on. Alas, I am unfortunately neither.

Part of the TESOL program involved interviewing an English learner from another country over Skype, and then later giving them feedback on their English. We did this project in pairs – with one person interviewing and one person taking notes, then switching roles to repeat with another language learner.

I talked to a pleasant young man. He told me his name, that he has a wife and an eight-month-old daughter. He told me that he wants to travel to the Middle East. We had a nice chat and he showed off his baby to me. Then I told him we had to sign off so my compatriot could prepare for the next interview.

A minute or two later, the next English language learner called in. I took notes while Adeline interviewed a nice young woman. She told Adeline her name, and I thought, “Maybe all the volunteers on the other end are using aliases when they talk to us, because she has the same family name as the person I interviewed.” Then she told Adeline that she has an eight-month-old daughter. I thought, “Wow, what a coincidence.” Then she told Adeline that she wants to travel to the Middle East and I thought, “We were told that the Middle East is a popular destination. That sure appears to be true!” Then she showed off her baby to Adeline and I thought, “What in the- hey! That’s the same baby clothes the first baby had! ...Must be the local baby fashion.” 

Sigh. Adeline later pointed out to me that it was the same baby, too.

Brilliant, Sherlock. It took me that long to understand we were talking to the same family. I mean, sure the room they were Skyping us from looked different when you viewed it from beside the computer instead of from in front of it, but not that different.

I may enjoy a good detective story, but the chances of me becoming a super-sleuth or the female version of Jason Bourne are dismally low. Good thing my mom loves me, anyway.

"Sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast." Lewis Carroll


Art said...

Funny. Being a spy may not be in your immediate future. I guess your thinking was - out of seven billion people, what are the odds of having two people from the same household. Pretty unlikely.

Carolynn said...

How did you choose - or were assigned - who to interview?