Tuesday, 15 April 2014

College Grads in High Places

This morning I handed in the final paper of my degree. It is not my magnum opus.

But before I handed it in, I had a self-pity fest. "THIS IS NOT HOW I WANTED TO END MY ACADEMIC CAREER," I wailed to my quadmates.

"What?" said my roommate Heather with a sidelong glance. "By standing on a stool in your pajamas eating a bowl of cereal?"

Indeed, I was standing on a stool in my pajamas eating a bowl of cereal.

"Don't jump, Carla!" Cassie intervened, "Don't do it! It's not worth it!"

It struck all three of us as so pathetically ridiculous that Cassie grabbed her camera, handed it to Heather, and we continued the scene. Movie coming soon.

I can rock social media in my pj's.

School president Michael Pawelke to the school assembly: "The hamster looks alive, but the WHEEL AIN'T SPINNING!"


Art said...

What a video production! You are a star! I am so relieved that you did not jump. That could have been messy. All the cereal strewn over the floor. Maybe your academic career ain't over yet?

Carolynn said...

Fun! Thanks for the giggle honey.