Monday, 28 October 2013

I Sneeze in Your General Direction

I am not dead. But, as you can probably tell by the silence on this blog, I am back at school, being assaulted by homework and commitments on all sides and I am trying valiantly to stay on my feet. Something has to give, and it's usually this blog. Which is too bad, because my most interesting thoughts happen at school.

This is probably not one of them.

I am allergic to something. I don't know to what, but it seems to have been building over the last few years, getting slowly worse. The last couple months have driven me batty. My nose is in a perpetual state of being rubbed almost raw. My quadmates are sweet and buy me Kleenex and stuff and don't complain, usually. But once, after I let out a few dramatic ones, my roommate hushed me and told me not to wake anybody up.

"Anybody in the next room will be awake for class already, anyway," I protested.

"Shh! There's a row of houses across the street," Heather retorted.

In an attempt to identify what makes my nose itch and run and sneeze, I have been taking note of when I do most of my sneezing:
-When I wake up.
-When I sit up from a mostly horizontal position.
-When it's time to go to bed.
-When I go into my dorm.
-When someone walks into a room.
-When someone walks past me.
-When I am with you and you are my cousin.
-When I touch freeze-dried blood worms.

I also get a runny nose sometimes when I am outside, or in a building, or standing up, or I touch my nose, or I think about sneezing. Anytime, really. And when I am sick. My current theory is that I'm allergic to life. And maybe to animal dander, dust, and mold.

On a side note, why is it that runny noses seem to stop when we fall asleep? I used to go to sleep concerned that my nose would drip throughout the night and that I needed pillow guards made of Kleenex. But I don't. What part of the body is it that decides to plug up the nose at night and how can we tap into this wonderful power?

Quadmate Lona: "Whenever Carla sneezes, it's like tiny missiles going off. It's quite exciting for me."
And later: "Carla sneezes constantly lately, so my life is constantly filled with excitement."


Mom said...

Your "when you do most of your sneezing" list cracked me up. You should add:
When I breathe.
When I hold my breath.
When someone else near me breathes... :)
Sorry to hear it's so bad for you. Any improvement? I think you are probably allergic to the old building you are living in.
Love you--

Art said...

Sorry to hear that. Maybe it is your shampoo or something you wear. Does it happen in the shower? I hope you figure out the source.