Saturday, 13 July 2013

My Favourite Things

These are little things that make me happy. Not in the sense that I think, "Oh, that's nice," but in the sense that they actually cheer me up.... ♫ and then I don't feel so bad. Or, if I'm already happy, make me grin like a goofy person. Not all the things, either, only some of the things. I tried to splice the items together to the tune of "My Favourite Things", but failed. So instead, to jazz up the presentation, I'm giving you a few picture examples where appropriate. Here are things for which I am extremely grateful:

-Birds chirping happily in the morning

-Super fat tiny critters, like chickadees in the winter or gerbils that don't know how good they have it. And also, corpulent frogs.
-Babies with intense facial expressions
-A stack of new titles I'm dying to read
-The sense of satisfaction that comes with having finished a good book

-A mix of bright vibrant colours that make beauty and energy, but not chaos
-Strong green tea. Real green tea that tastes like matcha. Especially if I'm drinking it out of a pretty cup.

-The smell of fresh rain.
-The smell of cedar chips.
-The smell of pine.
-The smell of books.
-The smell of faint lavender.
-The smell of sweet citrus.
-The smell of cinnamon.
-The smell of coconut.
-The smell of suntan lotion.
-The smell of newly cut lawn.
-The smell of gasoline on hot pavement
-The smell of campfire.

-Critters that have mistakenly got stuff on their heads
-Jazz or classical music to refresh my crowded mind

-Being able to share a knowing look with someone that nobody else understands
-When friends let me lie on the couch with my legs across their lap

These things don't make me squeal with happiness, but take my breath away in a good kind of way, and thus make my list of favourite things:

-Beauty where I don't expect it
-Staring at a vast, wide open prairie or the unending night sky

-The sound of running water, whether it be a babbling brook or pouring rain  ( long as flooding isn't an issue)

God has a creative imagination.

"Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all the others." Cicero


Mom said...

I think I agree with every one of these!! But I think the hippo WANTED stuff on his head... :)

Art said...

The smell of fresh cut grass? Well, today is your lucky day! Talk to me and I will show you how you can smell that daily.