Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Celebrating One Century

Wow. I have been bad about posting this year. For some reason, my desire to write has been mostly funneled into an attempt at a novel, rather than into blog posts. As a placeholder, until I get real blog worthy material, here are some pictures from the photobooth of my parents' 100th birthday party.

This shot was just testing out the camera settings.

The birthday couple!
I have made it my goal in life to weasel into as many of my cousins' family portraits as possible.
I also got myself adopted into Ben and Tracy's family.
 Please note the Vulcan ears, the anteater puppet, and the two kinds of boas.
My auntie and I cast pixie dust on each other. I wanted to throw glitter for the shot, but the photographer thought that was a bad idea. 
My brother's dinosaur puppet eats my bunny puppet. I should have picked something higher up on the food chain.
And that is a sloppy version of the character for 100 in Chinese. It won't be winning any calligraphy contests.

Our photographer said that if everyone took as long to get under control as we do, she'd burn out.

"How old would you be if you didn't know how old you are?" Satchel Paige


Anonymous said...

Even though you guys were hard to control, I don' think I have laughed so much!!
Love you guys

Art said...

The pictures turned out nicely. With you in so many different family photos, I think I could have made money adopting you out.