Friday, 7 December 2012

Mostly Dead

It's official. School assignments CAN kill you.
My quadmate had to stay up all last night to do work that was due today. I, on the other hand, got to sleep until noon, because I don't have class on Friday and all my work is handed in. When I finally hauled my lazy hide out of bed, I heard a plaintive cry emanating from Joie's room. This is how I found her.

"I slept only a half-hour," she declared, "on my desk."

I took her picture.
Despite being mostly dead, she was in good humour and proud of her work, so she squirmed her way over on the floor to pose for a second one with her poster presentation.

"Carla, I'm so grateful you're my quaddie!" she said. Then her fiance texted her. She heaved herself onto her hands and knees. "I'm going to crawl to the stairs so Jeremy can give me coffee," she announced.

I attended her poster presentation an hour ago, and she was still alive then, so my hope is she'll pull through.

THE END IS NIGH! Stay strong everyone!

“Some people wake up drowsy. Some people wake up energized. I wake up dead.” John Marsden


Rachel said...

Hey! I almost look exactly like that most of the time these days :)But the fact that she pulled through is really encouraging! YAY

Anonymous said...

heheh...."mostly dead"

Unknown said...

Wow, Carla, seems like you are really organized and don't procrastinate! Nicely done. Ever done an all-nighter? :)

Brianna said...

Wow despite Google's creepiness, signing into my Google account didn't result in my name being shown. That was Brianna ^^

Art said...

I remember some of the days. I was somewhat alive - very similar to mostly dead.