Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Exams are a Rap

Some of my cohort and I participated in a few study parties to prepare for our final exam. I missed one study session. One study session. ONE! And so they went ahead and made this up without me! ...But they did let me in on it and got me to film it with my admittedly not-so-great camera.

Our prof was trying to give some instructions when he noticed that four of his students were sitting in a row with hoodies and sunglasses on. "Well," he said, breaking off from his explanation, "I don't get it, but it looks cool."

Then this happened:

I had been too busy listening to our prof to notice when they put on the glasses, so I almost missed filming the beginning. Luckily, I was able to whip out my camera fast enough (no, cameras are not typically allowed in exams) to catch the first line.

Please note how Dr. Baurain was trying to respond to the lyrics throughout the course of the rap. And also how, when the verging-on-being-late student walks in, he tells him, "You've already missed the highlight." :-D

Great fun! I've got an awesome cohort. Good job, Jaynette, Stephanie, Chuck, and Nadine!

Professor Baurain, we want to know 
About the exam and what it is fo' sho' 

Didja write the exam with the key terms in mind 
Are you being tough or will you be kind?

What does it measure, is it valid?
Should we toss it, just like a salad? 

What about tomorrow, if we write it then 
Could we repeat the results again? 

Is this exam clean, or does it washback? 
If you taught to the exam, we want our cash back. 

Now logistically, is it doable? 
Is the time and energy practical? 

The real world is important to me 
Does the exam have authenticity? 

Let's not forget about transparency 
Is the purpose as clear as the eye can see? 

Criterion-referenced is the way to score 
We don't wanna see that bell-curve no more!

So now we pass it off to you, Professor Baurain 
It's all about us, but it's your terrain 

Thank you for the time we've had in this class 
We'll see you next year, 'cause we hope to pass!

BTW, this was a language teaching methodology class. All the terms in the rap were things were were tested on.

Friday, 7 December 2012

Mostly Dead

It's official. School assignments CAN kill you.
My quadmate had to stay up all last night to do work that was due today. I, on the other hand, got to sleep until noon, because I don't have class on Friday and all my work is handed in. When I finally hauled my lazy hide out of bed, I heard a plaintive cry emanating from Joie's room. This is how I found her.

"I slept only a half-hour," she declared, "on my desk."

I took her picture.
Despite being mostly dead, she was in good humour and proud of her work, so she squirmed her way over on the floor to pose for a second one with her poster presentation.

"Carla, I'm so grateful you're my quaddie!" she said. Then her fiance texted her. She heaved herself onto her hands and knees. "I'm going to crawl to the stairs so Jeremy can give me coffee," she announced.

I attended her poster presentation an hour ago, and she was still alive then, so my hope is she'll pull through.

THE END IS NIGH! Stay strong everyone!

“Some people wake up drowsy. Some people wake up energized. I wake up dead.” John Marsden