Monday, 17 September 2012

Philosoraptor Says Hi

There are several posts I would like to write, but every time I get the urge type something up, I am suddenly overwhelmed by an impending sense of doom. This sense of doom hinges on the fact that if I have time to write, I should be writing my essays for school. And it's tough to write those before the research is finished. So really, whenever I feel like blogging, I should go to the library and read, but it's very difficult to do research when you want to be writing. Sigh.

I'd post the things I've made for school, but you wouldn't understand. For example:
Suggestopedia, in particular. See? I said you wouldn't get it.

So for now, my blogging has taken a backseat.

And oh! I have a new baby cousin! Welcome to the world, baby Veronica!

Speaking of Suggestopedia, here's a word from the wise via an instructional video:

"Nothing is so successful as success." Lonny Goldman


art said...

I would suggest to you that suggestopedia is a good idea.

Rachel said...

Here you go making me feel guilty for reading your posts, when really what I should be doing is reading my school reading... Oh my... :)