Friday, 25 May 2012

Bucket List

My sister and friend recently opted to write bucket-lists instead of watch a movie with me, and so I thought that rather than watch the movie all by myself, I'd write a bucket-list, too. A bucket-list does have the potential to make you yearn for the things you will supposedly do one day, rather than encourage you to enjoy and be thankful for what you have already, but it's also good to set goals and make plans. Especially when you're naturally lazy.

Most of it is decidedly doable. All of it is possible. By nature of bucket lists, this is a highly me-centered post. If you're not interested, I don't blame you. Also, I tried to shape the text into a bucket, but I couldn't get it to look good, so we're stuck with a boring and very standard format.

Go on a canoe trip - Go dog sledding - Go bungee jumping - Get my boat license - Eat sushi - Be a foster parent - Become fluent in another language - Create an internet meme - Be well-read - Go dumpster diving - Write a world-changing novel - Mentor young girls - Grow a bonsai tree - Participate in peaceful protests - See the northern lights again - Be part of a flash mob - Travel interesting places - Go on a cross-Canada tour - Sleep in a castle/Explore a castle - Go spelunking - Dye my hair a wild colour - Learn to juggle - Observe every Christian holy day - Ride a galloping horse - Do the splits - Learn to shoot a bow and arrow/gun - Learn some self-defense/martial arts - Get a tattoo - Read the holy books of other religions - Get better at chess - Go dragon-boating - Build an igloo - Learn to play the harmonica - Spot a UFO - Own a grandfather clock - Choreograph a dance that is performed somewhere big - Read the biblical apocrypha - Learn to do flips - Be good at diving - Always be volunteering for something - Grow an herb garden - Memorize the Sermon on the Mount

And, for the sake of enjoying where I am at right now, here are some pretty cool things that I have already done:

Donated blood - Watched a meteor shower - Learned to play piano - Learned to drive with a stick-shift - Can use chopsticks - Seen plenty of bison - Eaten an insect - Learned CPR - Danced in pointe shoes - Earned a bachelor's degree - Hiked in the jungle - Been quadding - Owned Mexican Jumping Beans - Seen Shakespeare in the Park - Performed in the Saddledome - Performed on the Vertigo - Performed on the Jubilee - Ridden on a motorcycle - Gone tubing - Been water-skiing - Gone geo-caching - Sewed my own clothes - Visited an astronomical observatory - Seen a real mummy - Participated in a protest - Seen the aurora (once is not enough!) - Had supper with a family that lives in a mud house - Led a Bible study - Been on a motorhome vacation - Planted bottle gardens - Wrote a novel - Was a counsellor at summer camp - Was on TV - Stood in the ocean - Learned to do cartwheels - Swam in the Okanagan without being eaten by the Ogopogo - Been cross-country skiing - Swam in a pool with a natural waterfall - Been downhill skiing - Volunteered on a crisis line - Been to South America - Visited the mountains - Cooked tasty food without recipes - Asked random strangers random questions - Climbed to the top of rock walls - Been down a zip line - Been to Disney World - Rappelled down a wall - Seen a rodeo - Written letters to a newspaper editor - Was published in Reader's Digest - Eaten spaghetti without any utensils - Picked berries from a bush - Seen Handel's Messiah - Slept in a tent - Memorized pi to a hundred decimal places

Also, I've been star-tipping. Does that not cover just about everything?

“We were making the future, he said, and hardly any of us troubled to think what future we were making. And here it is!” H. G. Wells


Unknown said...

I can help you with some of those!! I'll dye the hair a wild color... right after you find your job. :)

Wilkie said...

I love this! Perhaps you've inspired my next post...Hmmmm, I'll start thinking!

Carla said...

Yay! @Unknown - I'd love for you to dye my hair, but I'd have to know who you are in order for that to happen.

@Wilkie - I'm glad. It'd be awesome to see the sorts of things you come up with.

Unknown said...

Unknown is Brianna... I don't know what happened, I'm using my Google account to comment but it only lets me be unknown. Lame.

art said...

I want to watch you bungee jump. That is not on my bucket list. If it were, I would make it the last item as it may be difficult to continue down the list once I am dead. It would also be cool to be with you when you see your UFO or the Northern Lights. I want also to read your world-changing novel.

You should put your bucket list items in order and start on them. You can always alter your list if your interests change.