Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Party in the Laundry Room

Mom did my laundry as a kid. Now I do it (or don't do it, but either way, Mom doesn't do it anymore). One of the reasons I don't do it is because I have quite a few things that need to hang dry or be laid flat to dry. Or rather, things that are supposed to hang dry or be laid flat to dry.

I feel guilty if I don't dry them properly. And I feel like pulling out my hair when I try to find a place to hang them. Mom used to have a wooden clothes rack thing that was in the basement laundry room. I don't know if it made the move with us eight years ago. At any rate, in the absence of a rack, I've used rolls of duct tape as weights to hang my shirts from the laundry room cupboards, and once resorted to tying up lines of yarn. Our basement dweller, Rachel, uses the bathroom shower curtain rod to hang her stuff. She can attest to how dangerous that is. More than once it's collapsed and no, I don't mean gracefully slid down to the ground.

So enough is enough, I finally decided. A short to trip to Canadian Tire, where neither of the sales reps knew where the clothes racks were, but were willing to go on the hunt with me, and finally, after eight years of procrastination, I expect that the frustration is at an end!

Mom was happy to see a clothes rack in the house, and immediately agreed that once I move out and take it with me they will have to purchase another. Personally, I don't think I've been this excited about a purchase since... I bought plants for my bottle gardens? All of half a month ago. But I'm still inordinately excited about something as mundane as a drying rack.

Anyway, I'd post a picture of the thing, but that might be seen as a bit odd. You've probably seen a hundred before and know what they look like. Unless you're like me, that is, in which case it's still new and exciting.

"After enlightenment, the laundry." Zen proverb

P.S. My brother and I fed my Venus flytraps a baby cricket the other day. It was so cool!


Wilkie said...

You never cease to make me laugh...this is great! And I totally know what a laundry rack is! :)

Carolyn said...

I was slightly horrified to find that a roommie had thrown my hang-to-dry/lie-flat-to-dry clothing in the dryer just last week. It was my own fault. I had taken the initiative to wash them, but couldn't summon up the energy to put them on my drying rack soon enough.

As a side note, I had bought the rack here in Kingston fairly soon after realizing that I couldn't live without one and that not all people have one (ie. None of the 4 other roommies).

art said...

I usually just let those sort of special things (swim trunks, shirts) dry while I wear them. I think I remember tossing the old rack - I didn't think we used it anymore.