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Baby Naming Girls

Here is the girl-baby naming data from Alberta 2010. As a general rule, the girl names seem to follow a pattern: 1) find perfectly good name 2) add something that sounds like "ee", "lee", "lynne", or possibly "ann". Take a look at the list if you dare. You will never want to see lyn or lee tagged onto the end of a name ever again.

In the end, girl names in general tend to be a mass of cloyingly sweet mix-n-match variations of a few names, overdone with vowel sounds. Naturally, with so many similar names they're mostly quite forgettable, but also generally a little less patently absurd than some boys names.

For example, there were fourteen babies named Rose in 2010. Then there were also four named Rosalie, two named Rosaleigh, one Rosalyn, one Rosa-Lynne, four Rosannas, two Rosannes, and one Roseanne. There was also one Rosia, two Rosies, one Roslyn, and one Rosslyn. In this case there was also one Rosaline, one Rosaleeta, one Rosalia and several variations on Rosemarie. This is a name that's traditionally adaptable, so it's not half bad, but it's pretty much the pattern with most girl names now.

How about another name? I still like this name in theory, but it's been so overdone I hardly want to hear it anymore:

3 Shay
1 Shaye
1 Shayanna
1 Shay-Linh
1 Shaye-Lynn
6 Shaylee
2 Shaylyn
1 Shaya
1 Shayelle
26 Shayla
1 Shaydance
2 Shayda
1 Shayla-May
1 Shayla-Rae
4 Shayna
1 Shayma
1 Shaynah
2 Shayne
1 Shazia
3 Shea
1 Shea-Kaya
1 Sheala
1 Shealyn
1 Shada
1 Shadae
1 Shadayia
1 Shaden
1 Shadlin
2 Shae
1 Shaela
1 Shaelin
5 Shaelyn
1 Shaelynn
2 Shaelynne
1 Shae-Lynne

It really does seem that people think that just adding a cute suffix-name to the end of something else makes it a perfectly respectable girl name. But unfortunately some names just aren't quite so conducive to the mixing. How about Scottlynn? Seantyanna? Maybe Drazzlyn? Elektra-Lee? Harllie-Lyn? How about Clementine-E? I don't know what's with this cultural "ee", "lee", and "lyn" fixation.

It's even worse when they add kre8tiv spelling on top of it all. For example, one little girl was named Heavenly. Except she's Heavon-Liegh instead. Jaydyn-Lyn? Someone liked the letter y. And after all those x-lyn names, we have exactly ONE plain Lyne and ONE Lynn. No Lynne at all, and one Lynnette (which is pretty much the only version I like).

On the less cloyingly sweet side, I'm surprised by how popular Addison is for a girl (there were 104, not counting kre8iv spellings). And also a bit disappointed. The more popular they are, the sooner they'll be "lynn and lee-ified" and then I'll get sick of them. Still, Addison so far has remained a favourite of mine (but only spelled "Addison").

Even less sweet, there were six babies named Agatha. I thought that name was far in the distant past.

I'm intrigued with the 16 named Ember. I've played with this one in my head for quite a while, as an alternative to Amber, and I've liked, but I didn't really expect it to "take off".

And yes, girls are named strange things, too. How about Feather? Finnaveer? Gooday? Icey? Imunique? Has that one seriously not been done? What the heck is Learnie? Two girls named Navy. Notoria? You WANT your kid to be Notoria? And Phallika? Oh, dear me... Serenirty (that's not my typo). We also have Serenedy and Serennity-Lynne. I'm not sure what to make of Landry, which made the boy's list, too. It's probably pronounced with a Lan like Can, but it looks so similar to Laundry that it just can't be worth it. Five baby girls were named Princess, and one Princes. I assume that was a typo on the parents' part. Psalm is interesting. And Real must be a protest against Cosmic Humanism and the New Age movement. I think Rea-Lee could be pronounced Rhea-Lee (either Raya-lee or Reeya-lee), but I wouldn't bet on it.

Rolica sounds like a fun baby. Maybe she's Stoic's sister. How's Maxophena for pretentious? Pemberley (Mr. Darcy, anyone?). One Scout (yay Harper Lee!)

There were two girls named Alberta. Maybe they're the twin sisters of Canada and Kanada. At least Alberta is a genuine person-name. After places, there were also two named Bethlehem (and one Ephrathah). Hmm... say what you will, I kinda like those.

Hagley, on the other hand, I think is just awful. Depending on how you pronounce it, it starts off with either "hag" or "hog", and if you pronounce it with a soft a, it rhymes with "ugly".

And we have another few couples that just couldn't make all the in-laws happy. Louisa-Nora-Ivette, anyone? Isabella-Coral-Tiana? Oh, yeah!

Forty-two were named Brianna exactly (my sister), and 3 were named Carla (and 4 Karla). Two were name Kiki, like my gerbil. Thankfully I didn't find any named Scamp, after my sister's gerbil.

And the single longest un-hyphenated name of either gender? Kamakaleiimalamalamaiaikanaau. I'd love to know what it means.

No baby Sibylla anywhere. :-( Not even a Sibylla-leigh!

“I don't care what you say about me. Just be sure to spell my name wrong.” Barbra Streisand

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art said...

That is one long baby name that girl has. What about mixing two girls names. I am surprised that has not caught on better. Sandra+Carla = sanla. Carla + Brianna = Caranna. What about Brianna + Sandra = Briandra. It is so easy and so many options are available.