Friday, 13 January 2012

New Year Report

Now that it's half-way through January, let's take a look at how the new year is shaping up.

1. Apparently two-thirds* of the Tim Horton's coffee-drinking population made a new year's resolution to cut back on coffee or to brew it at home. Or perhaps they were just reeling from Christmas spending and decided to budget better in general. In any case, most of them lasted exactly one week into January. Some of them held out for nine days. Good job, folks. That's at least $12.53 you saved this year!

2. My hairbrush is oozing goo.

3. The price of transit ticket books went up again.

4. The USA no longer follows the rule of law. And if you think that the act will only affect terrorists or people that look like terrorists, well, I hope you're right but believe you're wrong. Perhaps this is an appropriate post for Friday the 13th, after all.

"Now the night rolls back on the West and the night is solid.
Our fathers and ourselves sowed dragon’s teeth."

Stephen Vincent Benét (Litany for Dictatorships)

*This statistic is not made up. We track numbers.


art said...

Well, out of the 4 issues you presented, I think the last one is the most disturbing. The oozing goo hairbrush compared to the collapse of the American republic is close in significance but I tend to give the higher significance to the destruction of the American nation.

America is a ticking time bomb - who knows when it will go off. Maybe it will just be a steady ongoing collapse into a military state, or perhaps they will stage a false flag operation and it will change over night. I suspect when the military is roaming the streets, the Internet and cell phones are shut down, and people's neighbours and work colleagues being arrested, many will still say America is free and doing well.

Unknown said...

Haha number one made me laugh. Or could it be that the first week in January some people aren't yet back to work or school?