Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Makes Me Happy

It's so easy to be cynical, but every now and again something happens that makes me warm and happy inside. Most recently it was a little fuzzy moose Christmas ornament I bought that holds a sign saying "Merry Chrismoose". And sometimes the things that make me happy are a little more significant.

Tim Horton's requires you to record the drive-thru window times during the peak hours every day. Designated for this purpose at my little Esso location is a white-board tracking sheet thingy. We do use it to track drive-thru times, but we also occasionally leave each other notes. They stay up for a while, then get erased to make the place look clean.

On my last shift before I left for camp this summer, I wrote "Have a great summer, everyone! Love Carla". I then left for camp and promptly forgot about it. Yet when I showed up for work again come the fall, my note was still up there. Apparently my well-wishes were important enough that nobody wanted to erase it until the summer was over. After I had worked a few shifts, it finally disappeared. It made me happy that they had left it up the whole time I was gone. I think it probably won second prize for note longevity.

But it's the first prize winner that makes me happy inside. One of my Timmy's coworkers suffered a personal tragedy. I'll change her name for privacy's sake, but someone wrote on the board to encourage her, "Bianca rocks!" and decorated it with a smiley face and hearts. Then I added "We love her!" and someone else wrote, "She is super-woman!" Following this, someone-who-shall-remain-nameless *cough* Madeleine *cough* wrote "Bianca is my lover," but I promptly erased that one.

That was almost two years ago. Bianca still sees it every time she comes in to work, and despite the numerous people who work at the Esso, it's never been touched. It's like it's become sacrosanct. It's an unspoken agreement; we didn't all get together and decide to leave it up forever. Nobody wrote "P.L.O." beside it. We erase around it and touch it up if a part accidentally gets scratched out. And it stays there. I don't know if Bianca still feels encouraged every time she sees it, but I do. Some people do care. For a long time. And I'm glad to work with them.

“Because while I do not know who the enemy is any longer, I do know who my friends are, and that I have not done as well by them as I should. I hope to change that. I hope to do better.” Londo from Babylon 5, which is probably my favourite show ever.

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art said...

There are a lot of decent people in this world. I know there are a lot of bad people too but they don't tend to be our friends. I think it is sad when people think all people are evil. (ie. the US government believes all Americans are probably terrorists)

I like the fact that you have not deleted all my comments!