Sunday, 18 September 2011

Work, Work, Work

Now that the summer is over and I once again have no fulfilling paid job (but I do have several bills, including the newly-instigated rent), I must once again do this thing called "job hunting". Which, admittedly, I have not really done before. Job hunting for me, in the past, has consisted of me telling people I need a job and then waiting for someone to offer me something. I have had 5 formal, legally recognized jobs in my life. Plus loads and loads of babysitting, though that was mostly before this blog.

My first job (which, almost sadly, I still have), was Tim Hortons. The former owners who hired me are family friends. I didn't even have to sit an interview. He just saw it was me and said "Welcome Aboard!"

The summer after Peru, I was hired by our church to plan and run day camps for kids. The position was basically offered to me when I mentioned I needed a job. I did beat out some competition, though. What swung the decision in my favour? I regularly attend that particular church, while the other applicants did not.

The summer following that, I was a respite worker for a family with a special needs kid. I got that job because I mentioned to a particular woman that I needed a job, and this particular family mentioned to the same lady that they needed a respite worker. The deal was pretty much sealed.

Then I skipped a year of summer jobs because I guess I felt like being lazy. But then this summer rolled around and I worked at Dallas Valley. This one happened because I mentioned to my cousin that I might be interested in working at the camp where he lives. The following week, the camp director called me up and asked me to come out and work for him. Yeah!

Come to think of it, there is only one job I ever got on my own merit. Even my babysitting got a kick-start because I was the child of the woman teaching everyone's kids. Mom would send the siblings of the kids she was teaching upstairs to be watched (sometimes poorly) by me. And the parents would pay me for it. I never once had to advertise that I babysat. Word-of-mouth, all the way.

But yes, I did get ONE job based on what I knew and how I presented myself, rather than on whom I happened to know. That's right. My own merit and skill. I was an enumerator for Census Canada this summer. You know, before I went off to camp.

I had to apply and pass a (basic) test and have an interview (consisting of four easy questions). I didn't know anybody. And yet I still got the job - and when all was said and done, my supervisor wrote that I "exceeded expectations", which is pretty cool, because I personally had been feeling guilty for not putting in more hours and accomplishing more than I had. Yay homeschooler work-ethic carries the day!

But now, if I want to be choosy about what jobs I take, it looks like I might have to stop waiting for them to fall into my lap. Sigh. So much spent energy and rejection to look forward to...

On a perkier note, I ran my first "role-play" yesterday at the Distress Centre. It was weird, having those people hang on my every word and directing all their concerns and questions to me. I was definitely the youngest in the room. If I were a power-junkie, I'd be on a high right now. As it is, I just feel oddly satisfied. That means I haven't been swayed by the dark side yet... right?

Speaking of work-ethic:
"Always do right; this will gratify some people and astonish the rest." Mark Twain

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art said...

How does that saying go? Something like you work and work and then you die. Get used to it.