Saturday, 3 September 2011

Tilt, Conestoga, Week VI

You know you have spent too much time at camp when your idea of "showering" and "laundry" both involve a chlorinated pool and precious little else.

Coming off my week of glorious sleep, I was back in a wagon. Again, none of my kids had much, if any, Christian background. This seemed to be a theme with my kids each week. I wonder if God purposefully arranged it that way. Anyway, this was a fun week, even if it was discouraging how no one wanted to talk during cabin devotions.

There were a number of firsts this week. I had to file my first and only incident report this week. It's heartbreaking to learn about the home situations of some kids... On a much happier note, I saw the aurora borealis for the first time, too. It came while we were at campfire - so incredible!

Night games with junior teens are a lot of fun. My campers dragged me out of the bush and up a major hill during a game of "Counsellor Hunt", so I can honestly say that the behemoth-sized bruises I received in resisting them are battle wounds. And I hadn't yet quite got the hang of ripping off people's flags in "Kiss Me Dear", so I'd just hold out my arm and clothesline them instead. It didn't really work to collect flags, but it sure gave me another impressive bruise. A week after I got my beautiful markings, people were still gasping and inquiring concernedly how I had managed to get so beaten up. They were pretty big bruises.

This week, with the exception of my own girls, all of which I dubbed with Old Testament "E" names (and they called me "Esarhaddon"... or "Ear" when their memory failed them), I knew most kids by their last names only, as I was working the tuck shop window all week. And boys kept getting hurt on the floating dock in the dugout, so I'd have to check their wounds to decide whether to send them to shore or not. Without my glasses this effectively meant waving their feet around my nose. It made an odd picture, though not as odd as the one boy I helped off the barbed wire. He had flipped over it by mistake, and was stuck hanging on it upside-down and backwards. Silly children.

I liked all my girls this week, though not all of them liked the idea of being photographed. Several of my girls would whip up their shirts to flash me every time I tried to take a picture in the wagon, so I couldn't get anything usable. And they'd scream out what they were doing as they did it, so everyone from the fire pit to the boys' side was aware of their plan to sleep naked... Oh the joys of being asked by neighbouring cabin leaders if everything is under control.

Camper #1 to Camper #2: "I don't need your criticization!"
Camper #2: "You mean 'criticism'..."

Thankfully, we managed to get a group shot without anyone flashing the camera.


Justin said...

How did you get the bruises? Were the kids actually hitting you to make you comply? The kids literally had to drag the leader?

Carla said...

No, they didn't hit me, just grabbed hold really, really tightly. And since I was twisting and thrashing the whole way... well, hello bruises.

I don't think it would have counted as literal dragging, since they had all four of my limbs and the only times I was on the ground were when they were all sitting on me to take a break. But they definitely hauled me the whole way.