Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Show Reins, Main Camp, Week X

I'm beginning to notice a preponderance of cabin names that begin with the letter S.

We had only four hours to book it from Conestoga back to main camp, get all set up and ready to go for the final junior week. Or rather, half-week, which was nice. It would be tough to do two straight weeks with only a four hour "break". Happily, at the last moment the PD realized there was an extra LIT available, and she gave her to me, saying I was going to need all the help I could get with my particular group of kids. I was too busy glorying in the fact that for the first time this summer I had a REAL MATTRESS on my bed to be overly concerned about having seven sponsored, first-time campers to deal with.

And I didn't need to worry. They were all from a tiny but great Christian school and were probably the most "Christiany" of all the campers I've had. I could have handled them all myself. However, I was very glad for my LIT, if only for two reasons - A) The girls all loved Krista to pieces and B) Night times got a bit scary.

The amount of sleepwalking in this cabin was ridiculous. Every morning we'd wake up to find out that at least two girls had been up and about, abandoned their bunk on my side of the cabin and had plunked themselves down nearer to Krista. On the third night, we just slid all the mattresses toward Krista before we went to sleep, figuring that everyone was going to end up there, anyway. It was rather amusing.

The "night terrors" weren't so amusing. There was one on the second night, which woke up people in the next cabin over, and several "attempts" on the third night. I put night terrors in quotations because we're pretty sure there was a demonic element involved, rather than it being a standard sleep disorder. As it turned out, the mom of two of the girls was hanging out at camp as well, and on the third night she had woken up around midnight with a strong compulsion to pray for us. She told us that she had fallen back to sleep around two in the morning, which, interestingly, corresponds with the time period that I was up and praying and generally feeling that it was not a good idea to try sleeping. So much for putting that lovely mattress to good use.

If I have learned one thing this summer, it's the power of prayer and that God does actively intervene in the lives of people. And if you can't do anything else, pray for people and love them. Kids especially are love sponges.

The nights were perhaps less comfortable this week, but the days were great. I genuinely loved these girls, even if they didn't love my singing voice.

I woke them up one morning by singing "Rise and shine, and give God the glory, glory." I was informed by one young lady that she had been dreaming, and in her dream, she had heard something and thought, "What is that awful noise?" at which point she woke up and discovered it was me. "Please don't wake us up with singing again," they politely requested.

And then, when camp was over, everyone went home. It felt weird. As the place emptied out, I gathered my stuff together and wandered aimlessly around giving people hugs. It's awful - as soon as I start getting attached to people we part ways and I'm never sure whether I'll ever see them again. It happened with Peru and it happened again. Sigh. At least I feel somewhat satisfied in knowing that my tears were catching and that I got some other people crying, too.

So how to end a series of posts on camp? I don't really know. It was a very good summer, for lack of a better word. I was there until the bittersweet end. Please pray for everyone I came into contact with these past few months. It would be much appreciated.

After camp, I went to my cousins' farm for a few days, which was awesome, then my sister came to pick me up and informed me that she now has a boyfriend. And now I'm home again, and once I unpack, I guess I can formally say that this summer is a wrap.

Camper, to a tired friend: This is camp, not nap school!

And these guys tally up to 59 campers under my care this summer.


art said...

Sounds like a great summer. How does it compare to the summer in Peru? Which one gave you the greater sense of accomplishment or satisfaction? I am sure it is like comparing apples to orange shirts but maybe in another blog?

Justin said...

Your sister has a boyfriend?