Saturday, 3 September 2011

Saddle Strings, Main Camp, Week VII

I was supposed to have an LIT this week, seeing as I had charge of nine juniors, but shortly before camp began, I was informed that my LIT had been transferred elsewhere.

"Oh, well," said the sympathetic assistant program director, "You can hack it."

I'm not sure whether or not to be flattered by this vote of confidence.

However, I did managed to hack it okay, though the first night was a huge pain. I had two homesick criers, one potty run after midnight, and a whole bunch of complaints that sleep was impossible: too much "snoring", it's too hot, it's too dark (this complaint was enhanced with screaming). They were afraid that smoking, swearing boys from Conestoga would break into our cabin at night, and went into giggling hysterics every time someone farted. Several girls had to switch bunks with each other, or flip their head around to face the other way on their bed and it went on and on, well beyond the time when the PD and APD knocked on our door to tell us politely to shut up. I wonder if the APD still believed I could hack it.

I cleverly avoided this the following nights by pointedly ignoring every attempted interruption and complaint while reading them a chapter from a novel each night, until they fell asleep.

Of the nine girls in the cabin, I had some identical twins, several girls that farted in their sleep, one girl I actually still miss, and one girl that I definitely do not miss. Unfortunately, the speaker this week was not terribly good, at least in my opinion. He tended to speak down to the kids and read off a script for everything. It drove my girls (and me) nuts. Neither was his message very evangelistic. Still, we managed to have some good discussions in our cabin. All in all, it was a good week, even with the morning or two where I was trying to hide from my campers.

If you haven't gathered, there was a lot of farting going on, both with my campers and amongst staff. I would come across clusters of cabin leaders (female, no less) huddled together during night games, making farting noises in their elbows and arms. Given my somewhat more reserved nature, Jess Richter cheered the first time I joined in.

Camper #1: We've got a funny cabin!
Camper #2: We've got a gassy cabin!

Me: What was your favourite part of camp?
Camper: I really like the puddle-thingy.
Me: Um, the dugout?
Camper: Yeah!

Probably my favourite complaint of the week:

Camper: "She's stealing my dance moves!"
Me: "It's fine. Your dance moves aren't copyrighted."
Camper: "But it's like the same thing!"

These are the Saddle Stringsters


art said...

All those farting girls. That would be scary. I am surprised that there would be so much snoring as I thought that was more an older person thing.

Justin said...

The funnest part of camp is the nighttime craziness. One night we had killed a mouse in our cabin by whacking it with a broomstick. Another night our counseler pretended to be a ghost at night and use a flashlight to make his face scary while approaching different beds. Many co-campers screamed which resulted in us being told to be quiet. good times.