Saturday, 3 September 2011

Cabin, Sylvan Lake, Week VIII

Following the end of week 7, my cousins and I packed up and headed west for a mini family reunion. There were seven of us, two on motorcycles, the rest in a truck. I have no idea how we managed the luggage. We left at about 4 in the afternoon.

"We should be there by what, eleven?" said my uncle.

"See you around twelve," my dad texted.

We arrived around three-thirty. How did my family respond to seeing me after an absence of seven weeks? My dad woke up despite the hour, hauled himself out of bed, and came to give me a hug and help with the bags. My brother woke up despite the hour, hauled himself out of bed, and came to give me a hug. My sister woke up despite the hour, grunted hello, and gave me a blanket so I wouldn't freeze to death before morning, when she could properly greet me. My mom woke up and said, "SHHHHHH!" then went back to sleep. But in the morning she was happy to see me.

It was a good week, even if it does seem to be way colder in Alberta than in Saskatchewan. Much fun was had by all 19 of us (in one cabin), through various means such as tubing behind a jet ski, an awesome waterslide park, and a kids' Naruto scratch book my sister bought me in Quebec. :-)

I didn't want to go back to camp at the end of it all, but alas, prior commitments prevailed.

"Friends come and go, but relatives tend to accumulate." Anonymous


art said...

I remember this week. I was glad you were able to make it but you did arrive later than I suspected you would. And yes, the weather was substandard.

It was a good week.

Justin said...

That's funny. I don't remember waking up that night to see you guys arrive.

Carla said...

What? Justin, you don't remember?! You break my heart!