Thursday, 2 June 2011

The Animal Liberation Movement

Many people today would willingly trade freedom for security. My pets would not. In fact, they would laugh in the face of tyranny and take freedom with death any day over security and a (generally speaking) long life. Their never-ceasing escape attempts prove this. My sister's pets, on the other hand, are wusses; they don't try to escape - only mine do.

Kiki the gerbil would make a crazed run for it whenever he managed to somehow escape from the cage. Seeing as he spent most of his time trying to find ways to do this, he did manage a number of times. Brianna's gerbil, Scamp, was never so poorly behaved. Whenever Kiki made his bid for freedom and left the exit wide open behind him, Scamp would merely grow distressed that Kiki wasn't there, curl up into a ball, and stay put.

My Siamese fighting fish, M. Poisson, once made a leap for it when I left him unattended in a cup. He landed on my bedside table, flipped around for a while, then realized he couldn't breathe without water. A tad late for such a realization, isn't it? His attempted escape nearly killed him and it did leave him half brain-dead and bedraggled. Brianna's fish, Finneus, never once made such a stupid decision.

Recently, one of my frogs saw his chance and decided to break free as I was transferring him from a bowl into his cleaned-up and improved water-cube ("aquarium" or "tank" may be overstating the case). Little froggy Less sprang out of the net, onto the kitchen island, flipped himself off the island onto the floor (remember, he's an inch-long frog and the island is about four feet high), then in three swift hops cleared the kitchen. In the end, I caught him, so it accomplished nothing short of making me feel guilty for keeping him in a six-inch cube. Little froggy Much then tried to the do the same, but I foresaw the attempt and DIDN'T LET HIM. I bet you Brianna's frogs wouldn't abandon her, if she had any frogs.

Sheesh. If my hypothetical future kids follow the same pattern, this could bode very well for democracy, but not so well for the survival of the family line. Oh, well. Maybe Brianna will let me borrow her kids.

I don't think I've introduced the African Dwarf Frogs yet: Much is the fat one, and Less is the skinny one. They each get four cous-cous sized food pellets a week. I'm relatively sure that Much is eating at least two of Less's.

“The man who trades freedom for security does not deserve, nor will he ever receive, either.” Benjamin Franklin

P.S. Happy anniversary, Mom and Dad!


Art said...

I wonder what this means for your husband to be? It must be caused by that wild blood that you have. May you always live free.

Bri said...

Haha aww you're so funny. You have a big heart! I guess it's just hard to make that known to frogs.