Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Secret Diary

Hello! My name is Carla. I am 6 years old. Do you now who my BOYfrend is? SCOTT! Hes reilly funny. He is 6 to. And when he does sumthing funny I laff at him then he wood say "What" evin tho he knows. Scott is 10 days yungir then me. Bye!

Hi my name is Carla. I am 6 years old. Soon I, Brianna, Dady, Mom, Justin are gioing to reigina! In reigiana we are gioin to play sneicup!* On the secind paige we tock about Scott? On the next page we will tock about Scott.

Hi agin reemmemder my name? C-A-R-L-A. I am 7 now. Bye agan.

Hi! I am playing Book store. I am 7. I am in a little bit of love with Sott! So is Joy. Bye.

Hello! I have some friends over! Thare names are Kim, Cindy, and Amy. We are playing school. Have a good time! Do you know I snore? Love you! Have a good day!

Hi! Did you know three squirrls came to live our back yard? I named them Peter, Patrick and Whitney. I LOVE squirrls. Do you? We think they came from fish creek park. Do you have squirrls liveing in YOUR backyard?

I'm 8! I love to read the Bible! My favorit movie is eney story keepers! Every person in my family loves God! All exsept Justin, he's only 2. Oh-well.

Olla! (Hello) I know some spanish words. Groseiss (Thank you) De nede (Your welcome). I have been in Mexico (Meheeco) for about 2 weeks. We have no spanish lessons. :-(

Hmph! Today was was bad. The memory is too painful. Bye!

Hi! As you know I am Carla and I am 9. Today was Brianna's birthday party. Gail (the puppet performer) was really funny. I liked Chuckie Beaver, Short-cake + Crumb, the bunny, etc. PAUSE... Sorry about the pause, I had to get my P.J.'s on. Toad on the Road is funny because, Pause... Sorry, I had to clean up. Because, Gail spayed us with water. Well, Bye for now.

If you haven't been able to guess, those were select excerpts from my secret diary, the precursor to this blog. It was a perfumed thing my mom gave to me as a reward for practicing piano when I was six. I loved that little book. It's too bad I only filled it one third full...

I wonder if one day I'll look back at this blog and find it cute and amusing like I now look at 6-year-old me.

Anyway, I pulled out my old secret diary because next month I will be heading to Saskatchewan to be a cabin leader at Dallas Valley for TWO CONSECUTIVE MONTHS, and I figure that a journal with a lock on it could prove strategic. I am going to be bushed by the time September rolls around. Needless to say, this blog will probably not get a lot of attention while I'm trying to inspire and control hordes of hyperactive, homesick, yet fawning kids. Still, I'm hoping to get at least a few posts in before July hits.

Speaking of things kids say:

"I'm all rectangled up, Mommy!" my wee little brother (admit it, it's cute)

*Sneak up [on the grown-ups]

P.S. The friend, Kim, mentioned above, just had her first baby! Welcome to the world baby Jacob!


Bri said...

Awww that baby picture is so adorable!!!!
You should also put the journal entry about Rachel. :) You are awesome.

art said...

Are you still in love with Scott? What was the painful memory that you just could not write about? I hope it did not scar you.

You should post your entire "secret diary" on line for the world to see.