Thursday, 31 March 2011

Birthday Twins

Happy birthday to me... AND to my tenth great-grandfather John Eades, who was born on this date 338 years before I was!

John Eades was born in Essex, England in 1651 and at some point in time made the crossing to the new world! Well, to Massachusetts to be exact. He was the son of John Eades, the son of John Eades (I guess name choices were based more on tradition than on creativity). His mother was possibly named Elizabeth Gladwyn, but I haven't found any documents to back that up. Isn't it ironic that we're more likely to record a kid's father, even though the mother is technically much more verifiable?

John married Mary Tufts in 1674 in the USA and proceeded to have children with her. Assuming that the mothers were all honest about the fathers of their children AND that the 300 years worth of historical documents are correct AND that there weren't numerous John Eades running around Massachusetts, my relationship to John Eades the Third goes like this:

John Eades (b. MARCH 31, 1651)
Sarah Eades (b. 1691)
Sarah Wager (b. 1714)
Walter Dickerson (b. 1739)
Noadiah Dickerson (b. 1760)
Daniel Dickerson (b. 1787)
Chilion Ford Dickerson (b. 1808)
Viola Almaretta Dickerson (b. 1851)
Florence Ethel Lovelace (b. 1881)
Mave Hope Waters (b. 1906)
Muriel Joy Klaproth (b. 1930)
Sandra Leanne Meginbir (b. 1963)
Carla Muriel Heinrichs (b. MARCH 31, 1989)

Yeah, it might not be exactly accurate, but it's gotta be close. I love family history!

“People will not look forward to posterity, who never look backward to their ancestors.” Edmund Burke

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art said...

Wow. That goes a ways back. It makes one wonder what would have happened if John Eades had decided to marry someone else. You would not exist today. If those old people could see their downstream offspring, what would they think? It is kind of scary thinking about it actually.