Sunday, 13 February 2011

Dancing and Blog Traffic

These are pointe shoes:
You may have figured out that I'm trying to boost my blog traffic. It's not entirely dishonest, because, as you know, I was a dancer myself for about eleven years. My teachers and dance-mates did say that I have beautiful feet en pointe (or did at the time). Can you believe that I don't seem to have ANY pictures of my actually wearing them? Gah! All those years of training and nothing to display for it! Granted, I could take a picture now, but my shoes are no longer in pristine condition, I don't have the same gorgeous costumes, and well, such a photo probably wouldn't generate as much traffic as this picture above.

Traffic on this blog has never been highly congested, but I find some of the stats interesting.

The three most viewed posts on my blog are predictable:

Ronon vs. Teal'c

followed by

Dies Irae and I Guess This is Fan Art, which are neck and neck.

The next most viewed, Random Post, is more unexpected. There's not even a picture there. It's just rambling.

The most often used Google keyword that finds my blog is "maple leaf" and "Canada maple leaf". Apparently, once upon a time, I put a picture of a maple leaf on my blog. I had to go on a treasure hunt when I saw how much traffic this picture was generating, because I didn't remember actually using it.

To date, I've had 62 page views from Latvia.

Also, December and this February have seen the greatest dearth of visitors since I started my blog. Interesting how that correlates with the greatest dearth of posts since I started blogging. Or not so interesting. As you decide.

Back to the dance theme for the quote - this one is a paraphrase of a revelation had by former dance-mate Deanna Witwer (nee McLennan) one sunny Saturday morning rehearsal:

"The answer to all of life's problems and questions can be answered by one of two things: God or abdominal strength."

BTW, it doesn't look like either God or abdominal strength helped my sister in this dance. There I am, pleading to God, and she still ends up a corpse...

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