Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Out of the Starting Gate

School has started, and with that my good friend Emily kindly published something I wrote in the Gauntlet's Frosh Supplement... or the Imperial Frosh Compendium, as it was known this year. You can link to it here. My article is on page 18. And I just think I'll point out that the comment under the article's title is so an Emily thing to say. Seriously.

It's going to shape up to be a busy semester, but so far things are interesting, at least. For the first time in many years I have been forced to purchase a day timer. There's not much else for me to say at the moment besides KATE is married! And so is Kim, but that happened in August and so is already fairly late as far as news goes. Oh, and I was part of a "Thriller" performance at Kate's reception. I could seriously plan a wedding just for the dance. That would be an interesting movie plot. A young woman plans her wedding, only for the guests to eventually learn that there is no groom and it is merely a giant dance party...

But I digress. I must now go and read. And read. And read.

An awesome quote from the pastor that married Kim and Jarvis, on why love is greater than faith and hope:

"Faith will become sight, hope will be realized, but love will never end."

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Art said...

Would one have to buy presents to this giant dance party? This dance party would probably lead to a marriage...