Tuesday, 8 June 2010

She-Woman Chronicles

She-woman accidentally ripped the handle off the kitchen faucet this weekend.

She also made up clapping games with three international middle-aged women in her corner of the gas station. Two Koreans, a Nepali, and one young white chick were giggling like all get-out, pretending they were in a schoolyard somewhere while they were actually at work.

This is She-woman falling in love with Prince Arthur.

It seems that many of her friends are getting married shortly. They're all 21 or younger. Who said that the average age for a person's first marriage is getting higher?

She-woman's parents got home from their 25th wedding anniversary vacation. She's very happy that they've been married for 25 years and are still going strong. Except that means that they also got married very young. She-woman is certainly the odd one out. Oh, well. Good thing she likes that.

She-woman had her first high-risk call at the Distress Centre yesterday. And also got quite good at identifying inappropriate calls. Her spidey sense is well honed.

This is She-woman facing off against a dragon.

Street Church called out to She-woman, and so she attended for the first time this Sunday. It was very interesting. She is now preoccupied trying to think of ways to help new homeless friend Shylar get a job. She has experience with receptionist type work. Anybody need a new employee?

The final 4C was this Sunday. She-woman ate too many gummy bears with her ice-cream and then lost at the Foot Game. She will very much miss Shelly, one of her "peeps", but hopes that Shawn, at least, will be back next year.

She-woman is signing off until next time.

"Sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast." Lewis Carrol


Emily said...

Hahah! She-woman, I love it! Sounds like you've been keeping busy =)

art said...

Well She-woman, at least the water was not on full blast when you ripped off the faucet handle. That would have been interesting.

25 years is a long time to be married. Your mother is the only one on her side of the family that is still married. That makes her special. (There are more reasons than just that though.) It seems like a lot of young people are getting married but I am happy you are taking your time. Marriage is not something to rush into.

So was it you who hung up on me when I called the Distress Center?

Dragon looks scary. Your heart must have been pounding when that picture was taken.

You covered a lot of topics on this post.