Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Of Appellation

Name nerds generally end up disappointed, I presume, because even if they find themselves married with twenty kids, they're still going to have two hundred or so more names that they want to use. This is the boat I find myself in. So either each of my kids is going to have thirty-five middle names, or I'm going to have to adopt an orphanage.

In anticipation of this, I have decided to begin choosing names now and then let the children draw their name out of a hat during the renaming ceremony whenever the paperwork for the orphanage goes through. To start off:

Girls: Addison, Petra, Francesca, Ilona, Gardenia, Lucretia, Genesis, Angelika, Scout, Saxon, Aquinna, Bianca, Calista, Aspen, Bo, Cilla, Colette, Evangeline, Indigo, Lorelei, Lute, Moira, Ophelia, Lark, Leora, Phoenix, Salome, Ruthie, Seren, Emmanuelle, Sibylla, Lynette, Tiannin, Verity, Seraphina

Boys: Bronte, Everett, Chandler, Elijah, Nigel, Ephraim, Gideon, Flynn, Garrett, Ira, Faber, Jude, Landon, August, Rory, Ashton, Blaine, Leon, Malachi, Quaid, Troy, Cohen, Tristan, Glenn, Heron, Tommy, Zachary, Colby, Zephyrin, Manasseh, Shay, Corin, Griffin, Ezekiel, Morgan, Raphael

For those of you who are wondering, Enoch is not on this list because my child is already going to have that name, thereby rending it on the "already used" list. If anybody wants to be renamed, just drop me a line and I'll pick out something specially for you!

“Names are not always what they seem. The common Welsh name BZJXXLLWCP is pronounced Jackson." Mark Twain

P.S. I've always wanted to have an alias. Now that I'm volunteering at the Distress Centre, I do! The name is influenced by Arthurian legend, but I had to cut off the final "ette" so that it didn't seem out of place in an unimaginative society.

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art said...

You may need to work in a zoo where you can name the animals. The orphanage may work but I am not sure how many will take on a new name.

I still think it would be cool for you to marry a Loblaw and name your kid Bob.