Monday, 12 April 2010

Fallback Plan

In some long, twisted way this is related to the blurb I wrote in the Farley Mowat post a while back. At least, the characters are the same, but I don't know how they got from there to here. Apparently there is now some concern that NeoSpartans will take over the Canadian government.

I suppose I shall entitle this What to Do if the Government is Out to Get You. This isn't my actual plan for the eventuality of a totalitarian shift, by the way. I'm just tossing around ideas.


The Cree boy smiles and leans back against the chair, placing his hands behind his head. “Ah, well, tell you what, then. If they take over, I’m going back up north. I’ll build myself an igloo and live on bear fat and various wild shrubberies. I don’t believe the NeoSpartan army will say, ‘Hey, let’s go comb the arctic to get Kieran Paupanekis away from his fire and igloo.’”

He kicks up his feet in a lazy way. “I’m mean, I could be wrong, but it seems like a lot of energy to spend for one guy in a parka.”

Smiling, he settles his gaze on Renee. “You’re welcome to come with me, if you want to, Renee. I’d be happy to have you along." He throws a sideways glance at Austin. "And you, Austin. You can come, too,” he adds as an afterthought.

“If you killed a polar bear, the environmentalist green freaks might just get you. You wouldn't have to worry about the NeoSpartans,” Austin says.

Kieran's smile grows even wider. "So it's just me and Renee then?" he says, voice full of hope.

"Since when do Cree people live in igloos?" Renee interrupts, glancing up from the maps. "It's some of the Inuit that made igloos. The Cree were rarely that far north."

Kieran waves his hand in the air. "Details."

"And you tell me I know nothing about the Cree," Renee says with a shake of her head.

"Personally," Austin pipes up, kicking his feet onto the couch, "I'm going to drop an infected USB stick outside the national NeoSpartan headquarters, hack the system, and erase myself from all their records. They won't even know I exist. It won't matter where I am."

Renee cocks her head. "But then, wouldn't that make you reliant on Kieran's bear meat if you can't get a ration card issued to you?"

Austin rolls his eyes dramatically and imitates his friend. "Details, my dear cousin. Details."


“Not only do I not know what's going on, I wouldn't know what to do about it if I did.” George Carlin


Art said...
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Art said...

I hope we don't need a fallback plan. I watched a movie called The Obama Deception which says that the International Bank Cartel actually runs the G20 countries and sets the world policies. They are into world domination and depopulation. It was actually quite depressing knowing there are so many evil people out there.