Tuesday, 16 March 2010

World of Wit

It's Roll Up the Rim to Win at Tim Horton's again, which means that inevitably a significant portion of the Timmy's customer base will think it is witty to ask the serving staff for a winning cup. I don't know, perhaps it is, but after every third customer or so asks specifically for a winning cup, the joke gets a little old. I'm always tempted to explain to the customers that I don't have X-ray vision to see through the rim of the cup any more than they do.

There's a variation of this joke, which also grows stale exceedingly fast. Instead of asking for merely a "winning" cup, the customer will sometimes ask for the grand prize SUV itself.
Order Taker: Anything else for you today?
Customer: Just a Rav 4, thanks! Bwah hah hah hah ha!
Order Taker (dead pan): Ah heh. It wouldn't fit in the cup, sir.

I mean, it's good for business that the customers are so enthusiastic, but it's really painful that they all think they're being so original with their jokes...

Some jokes come in and out of season. For example, it's not at all uncommon during the Smile Cookie charity drive to get requests for "just a smile", or a "box of smiles". First of all, this is confusing, because we don't know if they're joking or if they are asking for a cookie. Secondly, most of the people who "purchase" a smile are creepy middle-aged men who won't leave the window until they actually receive their large, toothy smile. Admittedly, for the right customer, it can be fun to draw smiles all over a Timbits box, but only with the lovable grandpa type of guy.

Creepy guys are actually fairly common around Tim Hortons, but there was one that was at least creative. He asked Debbie for a muffin. She told him we didn't have any muffins left. "Oh," he said, "Can I have your muffin?"

And of course there are the people who order a green tea without specifying whether they want any cream or sugar or whatnot in it. I guess it is kinda funny when we have to ask if they want their green tea black, but still not terribly original. And let's not forget all those people that come through asking for a Big Mac.

Today, however, there was actually a good, clean, Timmy's related joke that was pretty funny.
"Hey," said the man to Brenda, "I know something that what will put a smile on your face."
"Oh?" said Brenda.
"Life is like a doughnut," the man said. "You're either in the dough or in the hole."

Hee hee!

Beware. Your sense of humor is being judged when you attempt to joke with serving staff.

"A joke is a very serious thing." Winston Churchill

It seems that a disproportionately large number of my blog posts are about Tim Horton's. Perhaps this is because it's so tedious there that I remember anything remotely interesting, while in normal life there is just too much going on for me to choose any one thing in particular to blog about. I should maybe rename this blog The Coffee Girl, but then people might think that I actually like coffee, drink it, or encourage other people to do so, when I do not.


Bri said...

Hahaha Coffee Girl... you could change that up somehow to make it clear you don't drink it yourself?

At least the customers are friendly. =)

art said...

I wonder how many of my jokes are originals? Anyway, I suspect friendly customers are still preferred over the unfriendly ones.

If you work at Tims, I think T-Girl makes more sense than Coffee girl.