Wednesday, 24 March 2010

For My Mom

Sesame Street, though a part of my young life, was not a major player. I'm more from the era of The Magic School Bus, Stop the Smoggies, and Rescue Heroes. I have, however, grown up hearing stories of Sesame Street sketches. Tonight, when I so desperately need to be writing an essay on Louis Riel's 1885 rebellion that's due on Friday, I decided to finally search for these little Sesame scenes on YouTube. Much to mom's delight (and mine), her three Ernie and Bert favourites are all there. So, although it is nowhere near her birthday, I guess I should post them for her.

This first one is really funny, despite being written for widdle kidlets.

The second one is the song she and my uncle would sing on long car rides, much to the increasing despair of their uncle...

And this third one she loved because... YOU GET TO SEE BERT'S ENTIRE BODY. Plus, he's dancing. Go Bert.

Sesame Street seems like it was a pretty good show. I'm sorry I didn't appreciate it more as a kid.

Does the same actor provide the voice for Fozzie and Bert? They sure sound the same.

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Sandra said...

LOVE it, Carla!! You made my day. Uncle Marlon would be impressed, too.
P.S. Yes, I think Frank Oz did both those voices and maybe Kermit, too. Hmmm...maybe Kermit was Jim Henson...

art said...

Not much happened to me today. Maybe the condo fire, police take-down and car accident is worth a mention but otherwise a slow day. Ha Ha ha

bob said...

why was the dog chasing you?
it wasen't really I just thought it was it was really trying to get away from the tiger.

that was totally awsome! :)

KHaJiigHt said...

Why did the bus crash into the hippo cave?
He couldn't see from the light.
From the flying saucer.


CavDawg said...

Just judging by the sound of their voices, I'm guessing that Ernie=Kermit and Bert=Fozzie, yeah.

Also, I don't know if you care, but one of the NPCs in World of WarCraft greets you with the voice sample "Not all who wander are lost." It makes me think of you every time.