Sunday, 14 February 2010

Nepali Princess Story

Nanda, a coworker at Timmy's, is from Nepal. She graciously took the time out of her own personal home schedule to write down for me, by hand, a princess story from her own culture. Of course, I had been hassling her for one for several weeks...

But anyhoo, I thought a princess story was appropriate for Valentine's Day, and you probably haven't heard this one before. All the charming spelling and grammatical mistakes are as they originally appeared. Once again, thank you to Nanda for humouring my childlike enthusiasm for princess stories. Now, enjoy: A Real Nepali Princess Story


Once upon a time there lived a king named Janak in a country of Indian sub-continent. The king was very popular in his kingdom, and the citizens of the kingdom were very happy. One year, the country had to suffer a drought. The rainy season had passed but there was no sign of rain. The king was very sadened bed the fact that his people would have to suffer from hunger if there was no rain as crops could not be harvested.

One night the king dreamt a god telling him to plough the field to solve the drought problem. Next day, he went to the field and started ploughing. As soon as King Janak started ploughing, heavy downpour started falling from sky. As he was about to return to his palace, he heard a baby cry in the field where he ploughed. He approached to the sound and he saw a baby girl abondoned in the field. He took the baby girl to the palace thinking that she was the gift of the god as the king did not have any of his children. Whole kingdom celebrated the rain and was very happy to see a new member in the palace. The king named his new devine gift as Princess Sita.

Princess Sita started to grow up. The king was very happy to find Sita as her loved one. Princess Sita was very beautiful and her glory of grace was famous in the whole world. One day the King Janak decided to find a bridegroom for his daughter. The king thought "Who could be the perfect groom of his daughter?" One day the king saw the princess Sita lifting a very heavy bow in a store room while cleaning the room. This bow was very heavy and there was nobody in the palace who could even move the bow. The bow had been in the store room since the king's ancesstors time and everyone believed that there was some devine power inherited in the bow.

The king was very surprized to see her daughter Sita moving the bow so easily. So, King thought the prince who could lift the bow and shoot a target with an arrow would only be her groom. The king send a message throughout the world about his daughter's groom selection. Kings and princes from all over the world came to Janak's country to face the challenge. Sadly, nobody could even move the bow. The king was very sad since nobody was successful to fullfill the king's desire and become his son-in-law. Months had passed but there was no sign of hope.

One day a prince called "Rama" came to Janak's kingdom to test his fate. Prince Rama di not look that strong physically. As he moved to lift the bow, all the people laughed and made fun of him. But surprizingly, when th attempted to lift the devine bow, the bow shattered in pieces. Everyone was so happy to see this. The king was so happy.

There was a huge celebration in the kingdom. The King Janak arranged a big wedding for her daughter. The Princess Sita was sent to Ram's kingdom after a very big celebration. The Prince Ram and Princess Sita became the king and queen of the kingdom Ayodhya after few years. They lived a very happly lives after that.


Now, if only I can get Debbie to tell me the story of the Filipino princess who turned into a durian fruit...

And speaking of beloved princess stories:

Buttercup: That's the fire swamp! We'll never survive!
Nonsense! You're only saying that because no one ever has.


art said...

A happy ending. I think the prince must have married for money rather than beauty though. For the princess to be able to out-lift nearly all of the men in the kingdom, she must have had quite the biceps or body mass.

Carla said...

Huh. Whoops. Actually, Nanda might be from Nepal. I can't remember which....