Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Non Sequitur

In the youth sponsor meeting today, our fearless youth pastor, Shawn, asked if I was happy with the way the youth group was being run. I said yes, I was.

"Ok," he replied, "As long as Carla's happy, I won't be waking up with a severed horse head in my bed."

Cricket. Cricket.

In the confused silence that followed, Shawn correctly gathered that none of us had ever watched The Godfather before. Ah.

Now, apparently Shawn has learned that an Internet dating site uses the doodles people make to judge their personalities. Tanks and lightning bolts mean the person is probably a leader. Geometric shapes means the person is probably the administrative type. Flowers and leaves and curlicues usually mean that the person is very nurturing. Keep that in mind.

Come the end of the meeting, Shawn stated that if any of the sponsors disagreed with him on something or had some point of contention with him to please, please tell him now. Don't wait three months, because that would make him cry. I thought that a severed horse head in his bed might very well make him cry. I smiled to myself as I doodled.

As a non-complaint filled silence settled, Shawn happened to glance at my doodled flowers, curlicues and leaves. Even some of the spirographic shapes had ended up looking like flowers. "Oh," he thought to himself, admiring the fine lines and careful arrangement, "Carla's very nurturing."

That was when I put down my pen, leaned back and said, "I'm just thinking of you and the severed horse head."

Yup. Needless to say, Shawn is now concerned that if that's me being nurturing, my kids are really going to need a good youth group one day.

I'd stick a quote here, but how can you beat a decapitated equine?

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art said...

A severed horse head may be extreme. Maybe a severed carrot would be simpler.

If I doodle spaceships, what would that mean about me?