Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Thing One and Thing Two

There are two things that I relearn every winter. I have just spent the last week relearning them again this year.

Thing number 1: If you're going to wear ankle socks and boots, you might as well wear no socks at all. The sock is going to end up scrunched around your toes before you even make it to the bus stop one block away.

Thing number 2: If you use the big warm hood on your coat, you shall be compelled to look straight ahead at all times. In order to look at something to your side or behind you, you will be required to twist your entire torso in the desired direction. Turning only your neck will result in you looking at the inside of your hood.

At least it appears that most people have remembered how to drive on ice and snow this year. Usually the first few snowfalls are really hairy.

Speaking of not learning, thanks Bill Watterson:
Calvin's mom: What did I just tell you?!?
Calvin: Beats me. Weren't you listening either?


CavDawg said...

I could have told you that!

Nonetheless, I think hoodies are well worth it, if for no other reason than you can refer to yourself as a hoodlum.

Yeah, never mind.

Here in Utah we like to make fun of Californians who come here and drive on snow for the first time. The humor helps us get over the terror.

art said...

Something I always "forget" is that you stay much warmer if you actually zip up your coat before you go outside.

Sandra said...

I don't recommend big warm hoods for shoulder checking.
Isn't Calvin the best???