Thursday, 5 November 2009

Quotes of Classmates

I had a midterm today. I present you with a snippet of the conversation that followed during the hallway debriefing party we undergrads always hold with our classmates after a test:

Ryan: I was up until like four o'clock this morning studying.
Amanda: Amateur.
Esther: I studied until like two o'clock and then I woke up at four to keep going.
Ford: I don't even sleep. And if I do, I wrap my face in my textbook.

Maybe you had to be there. My class is full of interesting characters.


Bri said...

And what were you? How late did you study?

Carla said...

I studied the afternoon before, and during my hour-long break the day of.

I don't know why it took them so long to study three classes worth of notes.

art said...

Like, that is funny. My thoughts are that if you don't know it by the night before, just get a good sleep so at least your brain is alert for the test.