Monday, 23 November 2009

The Philosophizer

I was sitting in a beautiful conservatory at the university today, eating a healthy home-made lupper and attempting to prepare for my presentation on elective amputation, which was tonight. In that serene yet academic environment, my eyes wandered to a piece of ceiling overhang. And I thought, "Huh. If I were a ninja, how would I climb up there?"

And the thing that has me worried is that I couldn't concentrate on my project again until I had figured it out.

I'll point the route out to you if you ever come visit.

Oh, and speaking of elective amputation, I'm stumped for a quote with which to end this post. Does someone want to lend me a hand?

1 comment:

art said...

It is good to think like a ninja. You probably should expand on the thinking and consider how you would take control of the room if three unscrupulous individuals decided to commandeer the room for their evil purposes.

Closing quote: Always consider your options.