Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Just for the Sake of Posting

I accidentally stumbled across the WikiHow page on hugging. It certainly provided me with the daily recommended dosage of laughter. I can't figure out if it was written by an utterly socially inept nerd who had to learn everything the hard way or by someone who understands that only these same nerds are likely to actually research how to hug someone. Though it seems a little cruel to describe how to perform a "lovers hug" when I seriously doubt these nerds would have a "lover" to try it on....

Yesterday the wind was insanely crazy. I'm glad that my psych classes are finally smaller in size. I'm loving helping out at the youth Bible study, and my Sunday School class is going pretty well, too. Tonight my sister and my dad and I are going to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra! I'm super stoked. For those of you who remember the movie of the house with insane Christmas lights synchronized to music that went around the Internet a few years ago - that's the kind of music the Trans-Siberian does. And I feel accomplished because I just wrote a good ten page paper in less than a day, already finished my lit review presentation, and am slowly running out of assignments. They're not gone yet, but I feel that the end is in sight.... maybe.

What a random post.

Oh, well.

From the hugging advice page:

"Do not confuse a friend hug with a lover hug. Things might get complicated and awkward."


"Avoid a hug with a running start unless the person being hugged is aware you are about to do so, if not, this may result in both of you falling over."

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