Monday, 26 October 2009


I've been having some trouble managing my time this semester. I have officially destroyed the "pro" in "procrastination" (hence the title). It's not really an issue of having too much to do - it's an issue of having too much to do when I finally get around to not procrastinating and of keeping track of what I have to do. It seems there are assignments due soon that I'm barely aware of. I'm usually better at keeping track. I handed in my first late paper ever just this morning. Ironically, it was on time management and procrastination. It won't cost me grade-wise, but I feel kind of... dirty... regardless.

Yesterday and this morning I slept through my alarm clock. Then, when I got on the C-train today I realized I had left my cell phone at home. That means no texts, no calls, and no portable clock, and the uni doesn't hang clocks except in the classrooms. Plus, I shan't be able to easily call home for a pick up from the station tonight.

I figure there's a lesson in this. Maybe it's God's way of telling me that if I won't manage my time properly, then I won't even be given the privilege of keeping track of the time. Sigh.

This public self-lecture is posted in hopes that Mom won't feel the need to chide me herself...

"The sooner I fall behind, the more time I have to catch up." Anonymous

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art said...

I was crastinating myself reading your blogs. I am a bit behind. Sorry. Going to school without your phone? At least you did not get to uni and realize you only had your pajamas on. That would have probably made you feel even more uncomfortable.