Friday, 18 September 2009

Intro to Something You've Not Seen Before


At 12:01 tomorrow morning (which shall be the next time your clock says 12:01... or 0001 hours if you have it set to military time) Blogger shall publish for me the first section of a series of posts that blogger bud Cav (from Flossing Philosophy) and I have been working on.

See, it's hard to get straight answers from Mormons on what exactly it is they believe, or how it differs from what we [Evangelical Christians] believe. Also, apparently Mormons have a fairly limited understanding of what we more "mainstream" Christians believe (maybe that's why they can't tell us what's different). So Cavan, who is a member of the LDS Church, and I have worked together to write out a straightforward comparison of Mormon and Evangelical beliefs.

There are five sections. The first will deal with beliefs about God, the second will deal with people, the third with church, and the fourth with culture. The fifth section will answer several questions about Mormonism that have no counterpart in Evangelical Christianity. As I said, the first section will be posted on my blog tonight at midnight (or one minute thereafter), then the second section will be on Cav's blog the following day (also at 12:01 AM) and so on.

I highly recommend that you check it out and post comments - on my BLOG, not on FaceBook - if you have any questions, or wish to contend with what I have stated as the Evangelical viewpoint. Seriously, Cav doesn't bite, so don't be scared to ask for clarification on anything.

"If we knew what we were doing, it wouldn't be called research." Chris P. Ross


Art said...

This should be quite informative. I am looking forward to reading these blogs.

Josh said...

Bravo to both of you for maintaining, and requiring, a mutual respect. Far too many people seem either unable or unwilling to do so, and it is quite refreshing to find that it is not entirely a lost art. Thank you both for these articles.