Sunday, 27 September 2009

An Index and Genocide

So, to give you a quick-link index of the Mormon/Evangelical discussion:


I'm still open to answer questions or receive comments if you feel so inclined! I think it's a pretty cool project - one that has been very helpful and interesting to me. It's so difficult to get accurate or purely honest comparisons between belief systems, but Cavan and I tried hard...

On another topic, the pro-life display was back at the uni this week. This time, the pro-lifers were toting something new, in addition to the rest of the display. Last year, they received a fair bit of flak for calling abortion "genocide" because unborn babies aren't an ethnic or religious group (therefore, rendering ridiculous the label "genocide"). So this year, Campus Pro-life was handing out pamphlets entitled "Is Abortion Genocide?" which I think was actually quite well-written and well-argued.

The pro-death crowd had some new tricks, too. Among them:
- setting up tents on the spot where the pro-life display is usually set up in an attempt to physically keep Campus Pro-life from putting up their signs (CPL simply relocated)
- writing signs proclaiming that Campus Pro-life was disregarding "privacy policy" (no mention of which privacy policy this might be) by filming the event and all the people who viewed it - despite the fact that the cameras weren't even turned on and were just there in case a riot broke out and the CPL had to prove to police they weren't responsible for it...
- a chalk petition (I think that's what it was) on the sidewalk of people who were pro-choice.

And, of course, the same old slogans advocating a woman's right to her body and the barbaric nature of coat-hanger abortions. This time, however, there were no TV cameras, so everyone was much better behaved.

Perhaps the most compelling argument offered by the anti-life people is that the pro-life display is "unauthorized" (which is only half true). It's rather funny, actually, because I'm pretty sure the tent village and chalk were also (completely) unauthorized, but who cares about that? I find it odd that although they claim that for "legal" reasons the CPL display should be taken down, their counter-displays only say (paraphrased) "The pro-life position sucks," and not "Those people are breaking the law."

Because, of course, we know they can't actually make that claim. Way to argue your position. What a sad, sad, state to be in...

On a happy unrelated note, I said hi to the Sunday School class I'll be teaching this year. The kids seemed rather excited to see me. :-D

“The thug is aware that loudness convinces sixty persons where reasoning convinces but one. “ Mark Twain


CavDawg said...

Pro-death. Hee hee hee.

Abortion is the only issue in American politics in which I'm unable to form a convincing argument for one side.

People who are pro-gay marriage have a good point. People who are pro-socialism have a good point. I disagree with these people, but I can't dismiss the validity of their argument.

I have yet to hear a pro-choice argument that wasn't laughably bad.

I secretly hope someone flames me for this comment and then makes a good argument. I'm all ears.

art said...

There is an organization that wants to phase out human life on earth. I would suspect they are pro-death. The people behind the Georgia Guidestones believe the human population should be capped at 500 million. I suppose murdering babies helps achieve that goal.

The anti-life movement appeals to emotion, not logic and reason.