Wednesday, 12 August 2009


This week I am a dance coach. I knew those 12 years of training would come in handy someday! And I am exceedingly glad for the large variety of styles my teachers exposed me to.

My church is doing a Performing Arts Camp this week, and I have taught about 30 elementary school kids how dance in the swing, gospel choir, and African styles. I have also helped six girls choreograph three dances in three days. Kudos to them for being able to handle that much!

So far there have been two highlights for me:

1. Seeing Sam stand on his toes in a meerkat pose for twenty-five minutes straight.

2. Little Esther's reply to one of my questions, which shall be the quote for today's post.

Me: Does anyone here know some cool tricks or acrobatics we can do in this dance?

Esther: Ooh, ooh, Miss Carla! I can pick up things with my toes!

Ah, yes. I think I've quoted Esther several times on this blog. She's quite the little character.

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Art said...

I think it would be quite interesting to see if you worked in the toe lifting stunt into the dance. Maybe I could even contribute to dancing. I know how to do the Vulcan greeting!