Thursday, 23 July 2009

Hearing Voices

Hokey smokes! Has it really been a month since I last posted? Apparently this summer has not consisted of much worth musing. Or perhaps I'm just lazy.

At any rate, I was musing something last night. Everybody talks about this thing called the "mind's eye", but I have never heard anyone talk about the "mind's ear". I find this a little odd, because my mind's ear is as well developed as my mind's eye.

I figure my mind's ear contributes to my zealous rejection of bad spelling and punctuation. See, when I read something, I hear a voice in my head reading it out loud. If I happen to know who wrote it, I hear that particular person's voice. If I don't know who wrote it, I hear a gender-neutral generic voice - unless the lettering is obviously male or female. This is the opposite of what happens when someone speaks to me. When someone speaks to me, I see what they're saying written in my mind's eye.

When someone sounds like a decently educated person with understandable enunciation, I see what they are saying written out correctly. If I then see something they write and they write it like this: thx 4 dat - ilu, well, despite the good intent, it's just jarring. It doesn't sound like them, and doesn't look like how I picture them speaking. The voice gets all garbled in my head and it's really distracting. People normally speak with vowels, pronounce their th's, and intend "for" not "4". Though people may say "LOL", I don't usually hear "ILU". I look at what's been written and I can't quite listen to it with the voice of the person who wrote it - and in the case of lack of vowels, it sounds utterly ridiculous. It can get terribly annoying. I know what it's supposed to mean, but I don't hear it that way.

This is also why I always like to know immediately how people spell their names - it not only affects the colour of the name, but it also takes time to reconcile a weird spelling to a normal pronunciation...

I wonder if there's a term for this. Or perhaps it's just me?

“The voices in my head don't like you.” Anonymous

P.S. I made the Dean's list at the uni! :-) Finally something about that place to make me smile!

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