Thursday, 4 June 2009

The Importance of Being a Nerd

Seriously, if you're not at least a little nerdy, you're majorly missing out. You can be a football player and have a nerdy streak, or be a musician and have a nerdy streak, or be a chef or salesman or journalist or whatever else you want and have a nerdy streak. You can be nerdy and still be well-rounded.

Not having a nerdy streak, however, means that you can't calculate the rise and descent of a football, laugh at existentialism jokes, or manipulate numbers in hexadecimal and binary. And it's good to try to turn things into algorithms from time to time, instead of always flying by the seat of your pants.

Just thought I'd say.

“Love is like pi - natural, irrational, and very important.” Lisa Hoffman


art said...

In the early days, "Nerd" was an insult. Jocks were kewl. The typical nerd was made out as a guy who had a white shirt, a pocket protector and big glasses and unable to get a girlfriend. I guess things changed when women realized that the nerds usually got the better jobs and could actually form complete sentences whereas the jocks usually ended up mowing lawns for a living and drinking beer as a hobby.

Bri said...

I was excited when I found out at work today I can read your blog on my cell phone!! Just in time to cancel it haha... but it wouldn't let me leave a comment, anyway.

I'm so glad our family is fairly nerdy... makes life amusing for us and others!