Tuesday, 30 June 2009

For Rook Lovers

Just thought I'd say that siblings rule. Especially when you end up randomly teamed together when playing Rook. Especially when the opposing team blows all their high trump in the first few hands, and your bro and you just smirk and glance at each other with raised eyebrows, wondering what sort of hair-brained strategy they're utilizing.

That being said, the other team was a pair of brothers, so perhaps they wouldn't share my sentiments. Or, at least the one who was actually trying to utilize strategy wouldn't share them.

For those of you who know how to play Rook (1-High Partnership, with a couple added rules), you know it's bad when the "underdog" team can take a trick with the high trump, which happens to be a ten of red due to the bad planning of the other team. We play plus or minus 500, but it's the first time I've ever seen someone LOSE Rook. For five entire rounds nobody made their bid (M and C lost three bids, M and bro lost one, and my bro and I lost one). It turned into a game of "don't get the one of red, because then M will call you partner and you'll lose 160 points."

So I got lucky, and won - or rather, didn't lose - with 200 points. My brother came in second with *cough* negative 10 points. Followed by -370 and -580 points. I only beat my brother because he had the bad fortune to get called partner once (which is usually, by the way, a good thing).

And there was one really weird hand - I was dealt mostly red, my brother mostly yellow, M got green, and C got black. Naturally, we were all bidding nice and high. But then C accidentally called the kitty (nest) as partner and lost on the first trick when I trumped his one of yellow with the Rook (I had no yellow - Justin had them all... except for the one, of course). He got every other point in the deck, but to no avail.

Maybe you had to be there to feel how terribly awesome it was, but I don't keep a hard-copy diary anymore, so this is where I have to record all my wannabe memories.

And because it reminds me of the (forbidden) table-talk going on during the game:

Jacques Clouseau: What? What did you say?
Ponton: Nothing.
Jacques Clouseau: You mean, you didn't just say: Stop the car, dear God, I beg of you?

P.S. I painted my face with achiote once, when I was in Peru. Today a friend came over and we used achiote from Ecuador to flavour a soup. I see a market for this. Who wouldn't want edible makeup?

We also made plantain chips. So good.


Justin said...

Those were interesting Rook games. The first time someone ever called himself partner (or rather the kitty).

And the one round me and my sister went negative was only because i had the 1 red and I bid stupid high because if I didn't win the bet I would be called partner from (shudder) Matthias.

art said...

I remember the good ole days when I could win the bidding at 90 points and got to call trump. I guess those days are over. Now the bidding is a bit more competitive.