Monday, 4 May 2009

Whine and Swine

Whoever thought to name the N1H1 flu virus "human swine influenza" apparently didn't notice that "human swine" makes it sound like only human low-life dirt-bag scum are susceptible to the illness.

But then, nothing about this "pandemic" really makes sense. I may be a doomsdayer on occasion, but this is not one of them.

I guess it does save time to say "human swine" instead of "human and swine". Not a lot, though.

"This place is a slaughterhouse!" Hal, from Malcolm in the Middle, speaking of a hospital


art said...

I have heard that the Chinese are no longer accepting Canadian pork because of the Swine Flu. I find it amusing because I have never considered the Chinese as leaders in quality control. They are okay with lead paint in baby toys but I suppose Canadian bacon can cause obesity so it should be stopped.

CavDawg said...

This post, complete with picture, made me laugh.

Bri said...

You should really consider updating your blog soon, dear sister.