Sunday, 17 May 2009

Dust in the Wind (and Blinds)

Guess how many individual slats make up the blinds in our house? Go on, guess.

Five hundred and sixty five.

And I dusted each and every one of them. Individually. (Except for the ones in my bro's room, which aren't included in the count) And then I went back and scrubbed the splotches off them.

Gah! It'll be nice when my schedule pick up and Mom stops assigning me random intensive labor projects around the house...

Meanwhile, at least I had time to go see William Joseph with my sister, which was awesome! If you don't listen to his music, you should. He didn't play Dust in the Wind at the concert, as the title may have led you to believe he did, but he did play Heroes, Kashmir, and Within (among others). And we lucked out at being first "in line" to meet him after the show :-D. He's so friendly and down-to-earth, as my sister puts it.


William Joseph (on stage): And we make it a tradition to go out into the foyer to meet everyone after the show, so if you want to say hi, stick around.

Me (in far left section of seats): Do you want to stay?

Sister: Well, maybe. I don't want to wait forever in a line. But I want to go look at the piano books of his music.

Me: Ok.... (by book table in foyer) Wow, aren't we off in the boonies, stuck in this far corner like this. Apparently, not a lot of people are into buying piano books. I wonder if he's been swamped by the crowd, yet.

William Joseph: Hi.

Sister and me: Oh! Look! That's him! He just popped up the stairs which we happen to be blocking from the rest of the foyer...

William Joseph: Thanks for coming.

Sister and me: Hi!

William Joseph: I'm just going to step behind you, here.

Me: Ok... shucks, and now he's gon- no, wait, he's still standing here, looking like he wants to say something, but he doesn't know to whom.

Sister: I guess we should talk to him....


And after shaking hands, discussing with him my sister's birthday and which piano book was best to buy, and then snapping a photo with him, we stepped out of the way to let him socialize with other people. My sister bought the book, and we turned to leave, beating a path out from behind Wililam Joseph and through the mega-long lineup that had formed throughout the length of the foyer.

It was a good night. He has huge hands (though not disproportionately so), which I'm sure help him with his piano playing. And he wears eyeliner, my sister noted, but it looked fine. I have an appreciation for stage makeup.

I have no really good quote that seems to relate, so you're stuck with the Pink Panther:

Mrs. Leverlilly: You've ruined that piano!
Jacques Clouseau: What is the price of one piano compared to the terrible crime that's been committed here?
Leverlilly: But that's a priceless Steinway!
Clouseau: Not anymore!


Bri said...

YAY! What an awesome birthday.

Anonymous said...

Random intensive labour projects??? It's called "spring cleaning"! Who really needs to sleep until 11:45 am anyway? P.S. I have a job for you today... :)
Love, Mom

Freddy Jr, said...

Carla is becoming like her cousin in the fact that she sleeps in until 1:00.

art said...

I could look for some tasks for you to do too. Do you want outdoor or indoor tasks?