Monday, 2 February 2009

So Not Funny

The University of Calgary is a joke, and a pathetic one at that. A number of students have been charged with "trespassing" for setting up the pro-life display this past November, and will be in court probably sometime later this month. One of the higher-uppers has stated that the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms doesn't apply on university campuses. What a repulsive abuse of power. Universities used to be the place to discuss controversial ideas.

So far even the left-wing media seems supportive of the students, but I hope it goes further and that the public heaps massive amounts of shame and ridicule on the uni for this. My personal opinion is that if any academic institution such as the U of C doesn't allow discussion of ideas and free speech, it shouldn't be considered an academic institution at all, and isn't worthy of being held in any sort of esteem.

What a bad, bad joke. I seriously hope that I can find a better place to go to school come the fall. The only drawback to not being a student there would be that I could legitimately be charged with trespassing if I stood in solidarity with some other politically incorrect group that was being bullied.

"The fact is that censorship always defeats its own purpose, for it creates, in the end, the kind of society that is incapable of exercising real discretion." Henry Steele Commager


tim.pill said...

That is despicable.

I am amazed at the gall of someone saying that!

steph said...

yeah, i heard this on the radio.. ridiculous..

CavDawg said...

You know I have respect for your opinions, and I'm a pro-lifer myself, but I think I possibly disagree with you.

Bear in mind, though, I'm an American, and it's possible things work differently down here.

If the state is paying for the school, then the school should adhere to whatever freedom-of-speech rights are standard in Canada, but if it's a private school (is it?) then I believe they have the right to do whatever they'd like within reason.

When Soul Force, a group of gay rights activists, came and illegally protested at BYU, I was fully supportive of the university giving them the boot. I agree that ideas should be discussed, but most protests I've seen (on either side of an issue) aren't interested in "discussing" anything.

Carla said...

The university is a public institution, funded partially by taxpayers.

If the students were actually breaking protocol or regulations by setting up the display, then the uni would have the right to charge them, but the university isn't making that claim. The students are charged with "trespassing" on their own campus.

art said...

If the university was a private institution and a had predefined description of what is acceptable and is not, then I would support their rights to defend those values and students would know them before they enroll. That does not apply in this case. The university administration has arbitrarily decided that a picture of a fetus is "offensive" (horrors to those taking biology) providing no guidelines for their ruling. Whoever said that the Charter of Rights does not apply on a university campus should have their rights stripped from them as they are trying to strip it from others.

CavDawg said...

I stand corrected.

Party on.

Anonymous said...

I can almost understand why the University might not want disturbing pictures from being posted, but to accuse students of trespassing? I wasn't aware it was even possible to trespass on a University! Maybe in a special locked practice room or something, but not on the lawn.