Monday, 5 January 2009

New Year Entry #1

Huh. So much for starting the new year of blog posting with a bang. Oh, well. We took down the Christmas decorations yesterday and all music pertaining to the season is being actively snubbed for the next eleven months. My grandma drew an R-rated picture during a game of telephone-pictionary, which shocked us all into belly-laughter, and my family has begun to make frequent use of the word we invented: quantuming.

New Year's was a little anti-climactic with both my mom and sister hitting the sack at a quarter-to midnight, and I think I might have concerned my brother by saying that I didn't disbelieve the ancient races that all predicted the world would end in 2012. I've heard many conversations over the past month, mainly pertaining to the conspiracies behind 9/11 and the death of the EV1, and cooked myself to a light red playing "20" Questions in a hot-tub last night.

All in all, it was a nice holiday, even if I've hardly done anything outside the house since getting back from Regina last week.

What better way to meet the New Year than with some laughter? A while back, after my sister had a fender-bender with our car, my dad decided that it would be a lot cheaper to just cover the damage with a car bra instead of actually fixing it. A band-aid solution, but it should work for the time being.

He couldn't find the kind the car needed at any nearby stores, so he ended up ordering it on the Internet. Always happy when he gets new toys, Dad was pretty excited when the package finally arrived. Wanting to put it on the car right away, he went to find my brother. Hearing a movie blaring in the basement, he stood at the top of the stairs without looking down and bellowed, "Hey, Justin! The new bra is here! Want to come and help me put it on?"

My brother excitedly replied "Okay!" and bounded off the couch and up the stairs, leaving my sister to grimace as her new male friends cast her questioning sidelong glances. "A car bra," she sighed in clarification.

Shortly after, Mom informed Dad that there were two guys in the basement who had never been here before, so Dad went down to confirm my sister's explanation. Regardless, I don't think those guys have been back since.

In the words of a family friend, "When you say you homeschool, you really homeschool!"


Bri said...

Haha good times. It was 11:42 that I fell asleep... that's not when I planned to though.
And they haven't been back here but we're still friends!!

steph said...

hey carla, hope you're enjoying the start of 09! good job on putting away the Christmas decorations in a timely fashion. one year, we still had our tree up in February. hahaa

art said...

I had a good holiday too. I must say I was somewhat underwhelmed with the enthusiasm shown by some family members who could not wait till midnight to celebrate. Oh well.

It will be a sad day if I ever need help putting on a bra. I think I would prefer the earth ending in 2012.

Justin said...

They've been back. And I didn't run up the stairway don't worry.