Friday, 16 January 2009


The process of contesting a final grade at U of C:

1. Pull up form on computer in computer lab
2. Realize that it will cost money to print in computer lab
3. Go to registrar's office to get paper copy of form for free
4. Ask lady behind desk for form because there are no copies available with other forms.
5. Wait while lady behind desk bustles about office looking for form
6. Fill form out; run out of space
7. Contemplate whether to continue explaining the situation on a sheet of lined paper or whether to cut it short
8. Try to do both
9. Decide that final product is unprofessional, hardly understandable and not likely to set a good impression
10. Contemplate making woman behind desk scurry around office to find another form
11. Decide to splurge and print form from computer lab
12. Go to computer lab for second time
13. Learn that the computer will only print blank page
14. Decide against printing blank page
15. Agonize over whether waiting to turn form in on Monday instead of Friday is smart idea
16. Wonder whether computer at home will print form and not blank page.
17. Ponder whether to turn in first copy of form to registrar, despite misgivings
18. Remember that there are two pages but no staples and no envelope.
19. Contemplate phoning parents for moral support and creative ideas, but realize that phone is quickly dying
20. Decide it will be easier to complete form at home, assuming form prints properly
22. Make use of March 1st deadline and resign oneself to turning in form several days in future

In my mind, filling out forms is simple and straightforward, but it never turns out that way. Maybe I'm just waaaay too analytical and thereby confuse myself.

"...skewered through and through with office-pens, and bound hand and foot with red tape..." Charles Dickens

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art said...

Sounds like the U of C could stream line their operations with this policy:

Please first fill out a paper requisition form with a business case to obtain the paper form that you need to fill out in order to make your request.

I guess if things were too simple, everyone would be trying to get forms.