Saturday, 10 January 2009

Drive-Thru 101

Today I share with you one of my pet peeves: cell phones at drive-thrus.

As a word of advice to any of you who ever uses a drive-thru, please put your phone conversation on hold while you're ordering and paying. That's about two minutes max of talk time you're sacrificing. It's incredibly rude to be busy on your cell while we're trying to talk to you. Imagine what your reaction would be if we, as the people serving you, were chatting on a phone while we were handing you your stuff or taking your order.

And as for talking on the phone while you're at the speaker box - for pete's sake, we can't see you! It's amusing at best, incredibly frustrating at worst, when we're trying to take your order and we can't tell when you're talking to us.

This post was inspired by the oh-so-considerate woman who came through the drive-thru at Timmy's today.

First mistake: Yelling into the speakerbox, because using a projected, clear voice is apparently a foreign concept.

Second mistake: Yelling to someone on a cell in some other language.

Third mistake: Switching back and forth and back and forth between cell and drive-thru without giving us any way to judge to whom the speech is directed, except for noting that sometimes it sounds like garbledy-gook because the person on the other end of the phone speaks two languages.

Fourth mistake: Not paying attention to what we were saying, and so repeating parts of the order that we had already got, and not repeating parts that we wanted.

Fifth mistake: Taking probably twenty times the amount of time it should have taken to order, therefore holding up the line.

Sixth mistake: Being too busy to say either please or thank you. I don't believe, either, that "ARE YOU SERIOUS?! WHAT'S YOUR NAME?!" is an appropriate reply to "I'm sorry, we don't carry danishes."

On the off-chance that said lady is reading this post, I looked you in the eye - twice - and asked in a loud, clear voice whether you needed a tray with your drinks. Both times you had absolutely no reaction (I didn't even know it was possible to simultaneously make eye contact and completely ignore someone). I'm not sure whether you think I flap trays around because I like imitating birds, but your complete lack of reaction makes me quite sure that there is absolutely no way you should be on the road and driving. We laughed our heads off at you, and so did the woman in the car ahead of you. It's a good thing it wasn't too busy, or else we wouldn't have found it funny at all. I wouldn't recommend coming back - we'll all remember you much too clearly for your own comfort.

"The thug is aware that loudness convinces sixty persons where reasoning convinces but one." Mark Twain


Kirk said...

Thanks, I'll remember that helpful tip next time I order somewhere...that was very amusing!

Bri said...

Well these two ladies came through our drive-thru today and one said "I want an original cheeseburger" and the person on headset said "would you like it in a combo?"... "an original cheeseburger!!"... "in a combo or just on it's own??".... "WHAT DOES ONE BURGER MEAN TO YOU?"

And then things happened and the order was past 10 minutes... so we decided we should give it to them for free, especially since they were mad to begin with. Well, they came in complaining that because we gave it to them for free we must have done something to their food. Oh... we were mad.

Anonymous said...

Unreal, regarding both your experiences. Common courtesy ain't so common anymore. :(

Anonymous said...

your post is so accurate.

i'm sure that if i had a blog, it would ONLY be filled with posts like these.
people these days.. really.

everyone that's ever pulled on a tims uniform and worked in the drive thru for even a day deserves an award. a BIG one.