Sunday, 7 December 2008


Today is a snow day. Really, the first big snow day of the year, which is quite something given that it's December already. The sky is the same colour as the ground, and in some places you can't tell the road from the grass, except that the grass has trees sticking out of it. About four inches of snow collected on the windshield while we were at church, and I had so much of the fluffy white on my hair that I looked like a Mrs. Claus wannabe.

Dad wanted me to drive the car home from church, but I talked him into letting me, the inexperienced female, take the SUV while he, the pro alpha-male, took the rest of the family in the car.

They got stuck. I didn't. Or more technically, they started rolling backwards down a hill, steered into the curb, got pushed by a benevolent stranger, spun around and drove the wrong way through a red light.

I left church later, so my sister called to tell me to stick the SUV into 4-wheel drive and take a different route home. We agree now that it was good that Dad didn't make me try to drive the standard home.

The protest may have fizzled had the snow come yesterday. And people would have had trouble getting to the school for exams on time if it had started snowing tomorrow. What beautiful timing.

"When I die I, want to go peacefully in my sleep like my Grandfather, not screaming like the passengers in his car." Glenn Satchell


art said...

If you had driven the car, it would have been a rite of passage. After that you would have been invincible and realized that you can drive anywhere through anything.

I am glad mom was not driving. From that little episode of sliding backwards down the hill (a normal occurrence when I had the Camaro), I realized that mom would not be the best person to put on a battleship in a time of war where she needs to be relied on to have a clear mind. To be fair, I realize that she was outside of her comfort zone and that she has not trained for this hazard.

Anonymous said...

I needed to go to my happy place. I detest winter driving. Putting it mildly. And who needs to man a battleship? I already run this household! It would be a demotion! Oh, yeah--and who drove through the white-out conditions from Regina to Swift Current a few years back while the Starship Captain was feeling "under the weather"?????????
I think I'll hibernate this winter...
See you in the spring.

steph said...

i'm glad i missed the snow!!